Relevant recent CIMPLEX publications in the media:

This CIMPLEX paper has been influential. Some press coverage:,

A paper by D. Knipl has won a Robert May award. The Robert May Prize Committee have selected two papers to share this year’s prize for the best paper published in Journal of Biological Dynamics. One of the papers they selected this year is thr article ‘A new approach for designing disease intervention strategies in metapopulation models’, Vol. 10 Issue 1, pp.71-94.

A UCL paper on the fear of crime has been cited in a public statement and in media coverage by the EC.

Besides, CIMPLEX partners have made frequent media apperances outside the project stream. Main protagonists were Dirk Helbing (ETHZ), Laszlo Barabas-Albert (CEU, Giorgio Guzzetta (FBK) and others.