The public CIMPLEX GitHub repository is: where we currently host the following open source components developed in the project:

  • NDLIB Network Diffusion Library
  • VIS visualization framework (GPL license)
  • CIMPLEX configurator (Apache license)
  • CIMPLEX globe (Apache license)
  • CIMPLEX decoder (Apache license)

A detailed description of these components:

Visualization Framework  We have developed a highly customizable web-based visualization framework that allows to connect to different webservices, and to analyze the data with a large variety of interactive visualizations that are connected via brushing+linking. The web-based applications created with the framework run on multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and large display walls. A live demo/example is here:

CIMPLEX Configurator We also have developed a „configurator“ application that tremendously reduces the time to configure and deploy a custom version of the visualization framework including all data and simulation services. Based on a web page URL, a user is now able to select, which views, data and simulation services he wants to include in his custom deployment. The server backend then creates a unique executable file depending on the selections, and offers it for downloading. The downloaded executable, based on node.js and Docker, then fully automatically installs all dependencies, including data and simulation services, locally on the client machine. By using Docker, the installation is isolated and does not affect or modify the client host system. The configurator creates executables for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Cimplex Globe A high performance JavaScript library for visualizing data on an interactive globe, using WebGL and Fastlane. A live demo/example:

Cimplex Decoder A JavaScript library for communicating with the GLEAMviz Proxy Server.