Steven Bishop

StevenBishop(1)The UCL team will be led by Steven Bishop (Mr) who brings with him substantial experience in international projects, both in terms of coordination but also in research with over 150 co-authored papers. Steven is a member of the centres mentioned above and therefore he is linked to some of the best researchers in the world. Peter Baudains and Thomas Evans, both young researchers who have worked on scenarios of contagion, cooperation and conflict, will assist while links will continue to be fostered with Mike Batty (cities), Alan Wilson (trade) and Shi Zhou (networks) from various Departments around UCL.
Steven is able to see the big picture and, having acted as coordinator for the EC funded projects ‘Global System Dynamics and Policies’ (GSD) and FuturICT, as well as being a Partner in the follow up to GSD – the project GSDP, he can rightly claim to be one of the people who helped to stimulate the current Global System Science call.

Steven is currently funded by two major research projects; one covers models of developmental aid/trade/migration/security while the other is concerned with big data (total income around €5m). Steven is multi- faceted but here brings his expertise of modelling coupled network systems to bear on this project. His work centres on the detailed connection between two elements, see [1], game theory applied to competition [2], network science applied to conflict [3], data implications for society [4] and how all of this may all be used in a policy setting [5].