Stefano Merler

The team will be led by Stefano Merler, who joined FBK in 1999 and now holds a permanent position as Senior Researcher. Before that he was a researcher at the Centre of Alpine Ecology (1995-1999). He leads the DPCS research unit at FBK since 2007 contributing to research in mathematical and computational modelling of infectious diseases transmission, epidemiology and population ecology. Stefano Merler is co-author of about 100 scientific publications. Recently, he has been FBK responsible of FP7 FluModCont and Epiwork projects, related to the modeling of the spatio-temporal spread of influenza pandemic and assessment of mitigation measures, and ECDC project “Vaccine preventable diseases modelling in the European Union and EEA/EFTA countries: forecasting the effect of introducing a new vaccine in a national/regional program”.